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Autodromo di Vallelunga

The Vallelunga Race Track is located about 20 miles north of Rome on highway 2, just across from Lake Bracciano (see map). On our trip to Italy in July 1996, I was fortunate enough to be able to drive to this race track.

Upon driving up to the track you are first greeted with the view above. No, those are not Marlboro signs on either end of the sign, but instead are racing car logos; look closely. The guard on duty that day did not speak any english, and I did not speak any Italian. However, I showed him my passport, pointed to my name, and, after some contemplation, he was nice enough to let my wife and I drive in for a look. Unfortunately there wasn't much going on that day except some motorcycles practicing. Since this is the race track that the Vallelunga car was named after, I was hoping to get some good souvenirs. No such luck! But I did get these pictures and a 1996 schedule of events.

Shown below is an outline of the course.

An overall view from the east is shown below. Only the grandstands and a small part of the course (the Tornantino curve) is visible in this picture, but it does give an overall idea of the surrounding area.

On the left is a picture taken from the 1996 schedule of events. This gives an idea what the place looks like when crowded. Notice the many flags above the stands. If anyone knows what's on them (or the flag poles at the entrance, I would be interested. I've always wanted a VALLELUNGA flag!

Finally, below is a picture of me next to a Vallelunga utility vehicle. While not as intriguing as a De Tomaso Vallelunga car, it would be nice to have one of these also.

Well, that is about it for the Vallelunga race track. If anyone has any interesting information regarding this track, let me know. If you are planning on visiting there, I suggest a day when there is a major event happening. Check their home page (above) for the schedule (follow the link for manifestazioni). And by all means, if you can obtain, or have heard of ANY Vallelunga souvenirs, definitely let me know...I already got a few pieces from someone that had a connection with the track and he was nice enough to send them to me!

Track Information

Vallelunga ACI Sport S.p.A. 00063 Campagnano di Roma
Tel. 06/9041009-9041027 - Fax 06/9042197

Current schedule can be viewed directly from the Vallelunga Race Track homepage in Italy.

More information and pictures can be found on the Vallelunga page of Roma Info:   www.roma-info.net/vallelungaracetrack.htm.